A Critical Reading: 2013 Inside Lacrosse Face-Off Yearbook D3 Top 20

2 - Published December 3, 2012 by in College

Inside Lacrosse released their preseason rankings for D3 today. I’d like you to sit down in your comfy chair with a blanket and a warm cup of cocoa while we tear them apart provide some constructive criticism for the good folks over at IL. Without further adieu…

1. Stevenson (18-5)

Okay. I get it. Tons of talent and Salisbury lost a lot.

2. Cortland (21-1) *2012 National Runners-Up

It’s probably a minor quibble, but I would have them behind Salisbury and Tufts.

3. Salisbury (23-0)* 2012 National Champions


4. Tufts (18-3)

I think they win their second title in 2013, but that’s just me. My preseason #1.

5. RIT (16-3)

RIT alum Jerry Ragonese (@FlowGo37) shaved his head finally. A sign of the end times, or a sign that RIT will break through to a championship appearance this year? I’m not sure. #5 is fine for a proven program with some big-time players.

6. Cabrini (17-3)

Does anyone here trust Cabrini? They are so unpredictable that they inspired the phrase “Cabrini being Cabrini” and the best part is that Connor and I have NO IDEA what that actually means, which of course encapsulates Cabrini perfectly. Let’s just say I’m looking for a little more stability from the #6 team in the country.

7. Lynchburg (17-2)

Joe Lisicky is the hero Lynchburg deserves, but not the one they need right now.

8. Dickinson (15-4)

Firmly established as an elite program, not just an elite team.

9. Denison (15-2)

Overrating a team for a big late-season win is like an NBA team drafting a player too high because of a great March Madness run.

10. Stevens (17-3)

I’d rank them here too, but if we’re talking about actually being contenders, page me when they have a goalie.

11. Roanoke (11-4)


12. Trinity (11-7)

13. Union (13-5)

Two teams that won with defense lost their goalies and parts of their defenses. Neither belongs in the top 20 until they prove they have a way of offsetting those losses, no matter how many points they return. For the record, the same logic applies to anyone who thinks Connecticut College should start the year in the top 20.

14. Springfield (14-4)

Springfield: The 2008-20011 Atlanta Hawks of D3 lacrosse. Ranking is fine.

15. Gettysburg (11-7)

Gettysburg went 11-7 in 2012? That never would have happened if Coach Janczyk was still alive. If this were Southern Pennsylvania State and not Gettysburg, there would be no discussion of them being a top 20 team.

16. Ohio Wesleyan (11-5)

Truly inexcusable. OWU did nothing in 2012 to merit a top 20 ranking. This is a case of someone looking at their stat sheet, realizing they are returning a large percentage of their points, and deciding that means they will improve and be relevant in 2013. NEWS FLASH: THAT IS NOT HOW THIS WORKS. IT ISN’T. LAZY ANALYSIS.

17. Washington College (11-6)

I think they will regress slightly, but no real argument with having them here.

18. Western New England University (13-5)

Like it.

19. Bowdoin (14-6)

A team that has probably been underachieving given their talent (!!!!!!!!!!). I think they’ll end up higher, but a fair starting point.

20. St. Lawrence (12-3)

Why not? One of many teams that could fall into this spot.