Stevenson - Salisbury. Photo Credit: Jon Borcik

A Different Kind Of Summer Ball: Callum Robinson

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Most D3 lacrosse players head back home, or to a Summer job or internship, during the 3 month break of June, July, and August. Some play box in Canada, and some travel the country (and world), playing lacrosse. Others, like Stevenson’s Callum Robinson, go home and play for their local club team and their state’s men’s team… because that’s how they do it in Australia.

Robinson was an HM All American in 2013, and grew up playing for the Wembley Lacrosse Club in Perth, Western Australia. Adam Sear, a former Wembley player who starred at Maryland, and now coaches at Stevenson, may have had something to do with Robinson coming stateside to play for the Mustangs, and study at the university.

After winning a national title with Stevenson, Robinson headed back to WA, and played for Wembley again, making him the third D3 player to play for Wembley in the last 13 years (the author and Phil Amidon, both of Wesleyan, are the other two).

Robinson also played for Western Australia’s men’s state team, which took home the national team title this year, and he can be seen scoring the first goal of the game against South Australia in the video below:

You know it’s him because he’s the only one wearing a white Stevenson helmet.

Having played lacrosse in WA myself back in 2001, I can vouch for the quality of the lacrosse. Games are tough and physical, and teams are forced to use VERY short benches, so physical conditioning must be top notch. Back in 2001, teams could only have 15 players dress per game. There are often a couple of national team players on the field, and usually at least one or two guys with US college experience as well.

In terms of training, the teams do varying amounts of work, but many actually practice two to four times per week, and many hold extra training sessions outside of those times. If you’re looking to put in work, the opportunity is truly there.

If YOU are interested in heading down to Western Australia to play some intense men’s club lacrosse, shoot us an email, and we’ll try to get you hooked up. Send all emails to with “Australia” in the subject line.

Photo Credit: Wembley Lacrosse Club

Photo Credit: Wembley Lacrosse Club

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