D3 Lacrosse Highlights: Tufts, Salisbury, Fisher, Catholic

0 - Published March 21, 2013 by in NESCAC Lacrosse

Plenty of D3 lacrosse highlights to go around today. Let’s get right to it.


Photo Credit: Jon Borcik

Tufts – Stevenson was pretty epic. Prodigy Launch supplies us with 6 minutes of highlights from Tufts’ 7-6 win on the road. Nice…

Prodigy Launch also put together this short, but solid number on Salisbury:

SU’s 9-4 win over Colorado College can be seen on the Gulls site HERE.

Catholic Downs Williams. Big win for CUA! And did Plattsburgh knock off Conn College yesterday in Baltimore? Yup. NESCAC struggling a bit OOC.

SJF over RWU

How good is Fisher this year? Will they ever break through? They always look so close.


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