Wesleyan Vs Tufts - Photo Credit: Mitch Lieberman

D3 Lacrosse Video Explosion

0 - Published May 2, 2013 by in College

I was traveling back from Prague on Monday so there was no D3 Report this week. Swank must have been asleep at the wheel. It happens, he’s young and tired.

In place of the D3 Report, I’m offering up a D3 Lacrosse Video Explosion, where we’ll use highlights to tell some recent stories and get you all beefed up on the most competitive division in college lacrosse!


Middlebury Vs Trinity:

Wesleyan Vs Trinity:

Wesleyan Tops Bowdoin in the NESCAC Quarterfinals:

Pilgrim League Finals Are Set

Springfield defeated MIT 13-4, and will now face Babson, whom they beat 13-11 a week ago in the regular season. Babson beat Wheaton 14-5.

Who Wants To Play Cortland?

Plattsburgh takes on Brockport. This is to see who will play Cortland on Saturday. Uh oh. Plattsburgh is now 14-3, while Cortland is 16-0.

NCAC Tilt: OWU Vs Denison

It’s an instant classic! OWU won 10-9 to finish the regular season at 13-5. Denison is 13-3.

That was ODACulous

WNEU Looking Strong

Here they top Roger Williams in the CCC playoffs.

Stevens Up, Stevens Down

Messiah Tops Albright

Not too shabby. Plenty of excellent video. Man, I love May.