Stevenson - Salisbury. Photo Credit: Jon Borcik

The D3 Report: Stevenson Wins Game 30-0

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Welcome back to another great installment of The D3 Report! We’ve got a ton of great info, some fantastic video, and an update on where we stand in the giant world that is D3 men’s NCAA lacrosse!

Photo Credit: Jon Borcik

Stevenson 30 – Alvernia 0 – Video

The Mustangs set a record for goals and shots in a single game. If you go back 7 years, Stevenson was called Villa Julie, and they were losing games to Salisbury by 10+ goals regularly. Now they are putting late 90s and early 2000s Salisbury-esque scores up against lower rated competition. The transformation of the Mustang program under Head Coach Paul Cantabene has been nothing short of remarkable:

The Undefeated

We are still down to only four undefeated teams out of 215 total programs. RIT and Denison are both 12-0, Carbini is 11-0, and Keuka is 6-0. Cabrini plays 12-1 Salisbury on Friday in a huge game for playoff seeding. Both of these teams are going to the dance, the question is who will be seeded higher. If Cabrini beats Salisbury, they could finish the regular season without a loss quite easily, and will be favored in their last three games heavily. Denison has two challenges in three games with 9-2 Wittenberg and 9-2 OWU. They will be favored in both by good margins. RIT has four games left, and they should cruise to wins in two of those. 9-1 Union and 7-3 St. Lawrence will provide stiff tests. Keuka has six games left on their 12 game schedule, and none of those teams should provide much of a test. Note to Keuka: Play some serious OOC games next year. We’re intrigued to see how you do!!!

Top 20 Poll – April 7, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 8.35.35 AM


The Scoring Machine – D3 Leaders

When it comes to individual success, many of the D3 points leaders play on lower performing teams. This can be due to less talented opposition at times, or it can be caused by the fact that these leading scorers are simply the best players on their team. Sometimes you even find a Top 10 scorer on a Top 10 team… and that’s really impressive! The same can often be said for goalies:

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 8.46.51 AM


Full interactive lists can be found HERE. I also find scoring defense and offense stats to be interesting, especially when one team (Carthage) makes both lists!

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 8.49.09 AM


I guess that explains how Chris Schoenhut of Tufts is averaging almost 4 goals per game. 18 GPG is crazy, especially when you consider how strong Tufts’ schedule is this year. Wowzerz. Back to Carthage… they have almost a 10 goal split between O and D, which means they AVERAGE a 10 goal margin of victory. That’s dominant. Is there anyone MORE dominant than that? It might be hard to believe, but yes there is! Denison has scored 179 goals, and allowed 60, in only 11 games. That works out to a 10.82 GPG margin of victory. Crazy. Carthage sits at 9.83 GPG, and Cabrini is just behind them with a 9.80 GPG. RIT and Tufts are sitting at about 8 GPG.

Video Highlights

Speaking of Carthage… watch a full game!

Go over the head. I dare you.

Um, ok. You win. That was sick. And against Cortland.

Love these travel jackets below!

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