Sam Bradman and his teammates executed the pick and pop to perfection in the D3 National Championship game.

Former D3 Players Thriving In LXM PRO

1 - Published December 7, 2012 by in College, Pro

When Jac Coyne is surprised that a certain former D3 player is playing in the LXM PRO, you just know the rest of the world needs to get educated about which former Division 3 guys are tearing it up in the West Coast pros.

What was Jac referencing with his tweet?

This Whit McCarthy (Solé – Midfield) behind-the-back goal, of course!

McCarthy is a former Colby College player, but he is only one of many former D3 guys playing for either STX or Solé… let’s take a look at the rest of the DIII guys out there, shall we?

Sam Bradman (STX – Midfield)

Former Salisbury player, most interesting man in lacrosse, and the current record holder for goals in an LXM game with seven. Here they are. Legit.

Malcolm Chase (STX – Defense)

Played at DIII Ohio Wesleyan and DIII Whittier. At 33, Chase is older than many of the LXM PROs, but he’s as conditioned and tough as anyone. He throws mean lumber and will help you become a better player. We love Malcolm.

Brian Kelly (STX – LSM/Defense)

Former teammate of Malcolm Chase’s at Whittier, current STX teammate to Chase, and the current head coach of the Poets. Tall, great checks and has always been dominant, whether it was in college, the MLL, or the LXM. Brian Kelly LXM PRO tour

JR Oreskovich (Solé – Attack)

JR played at Stevens and scored over 100 points in D3 during a single season. Oreskovich is a stud attackman from the San Diego area originally, with great speed, vision and sticks skills for Solé. He’s also not afraid to rank D3 teams by mascot.

Erik Krum (STX – Attack)

Salisbury grad, inside player, finisher and all around tough guy. Krum was a force for ‘bury and is still scoring big time goals in the LXM. Also, Krum is an MMA fighter. Maybe he should play in the NLL too?

Mike Von Kamecke (STX – Midfield)

MVK is yet another Salisbury grad (man, there are a lot of those guys!) who is known for his flashy stick, great moves and big times goals.

Ryder Henry (Solé – LSM/Defense)

Henry also played in the CAC (like MVK, Krum and Bradman) but he didn’t do it for Salisbury. Ryder played LSM for St. Mary’s and possesses the ability to throw any check under the sun. Tons of fun to watch this guy.

Five former NCAA DIII players on STX, three on Solé. STX is up in the series 4-2… is this just a coincidence? Of course it is.