Full Strength Tufts Beats Stevens

1 - Published March 17, 2013 by in College, NESCAC Lacrosse

Editor’s Note: GB Hog, one of the Laxpower D3 Forum all-time greats, took in the Tufts – Stevens game yesterday in Hoboken, NJ, and sent over the below game recap and what we think are some really pretty photos. Tufts started the season 0-2, with two one-goal losses to Hamilton and Conn College, as 27 of their players were suspended. Now that they are back at full strength, the Jumbos are looking like contenders again, as they took down the Ducks, 18-14. 



Anyone who tells you this game was ever close is dreaming. It was certainly  a game of runs, but Tufts ran first, and longer.  We saw lots of turnovers. Tufts keeper was seeing the ball well.  Stevens goalie seemed to struggle to see the ball all day, and their D looked slow of foot.  Maybe it was the bus ride back from Spring Break in VA, or the sudden realization after Cortland that they are not bulletproof.

The Jumbos held off every Stevens rally handily. They move the ball well, especially with their long poles, who picked off numerous attempted skip passes and broke upfield like they were on fire, #9 for Tufts, Callahan, stood out.


Stevens’ Dupras did not handle the double well but was not much of a factor today. Phillipi, on the other hand, was near impossible to stop. He dodged left to shake the D, rolled right and shot 3/4 underhand every time, and no one could stop him. Six goals. First team All American performance, at least today.

Apart from Phillipi, I was not impressed with Stevens play today. They looked tired and slow, all day, until they closed the gap in the 4th. When Tufts struck right back, they struck their colors.


The only high point for Stevens was that they were 21-of-36 at the X.  If Tufts had the ball more, this could have been a real duck roasting.

Let’s take a close look at Tufts’ brown uniforms…



Yeah, those are wonderful.

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