Handing Out Some Tentative NESCAC Awards

0 - Published April 16, 2013 by in College, NESCAC Lacrosse

Chew on these tentative postseason awards and All-NESCAC teams:

D Matt Callahan, Tufts
Also considered: Devin Acton, Ian Deveau
As great as the only other two real candidates for this award have been, both are one man shows for teams that are fringe playoff teams. In fact, Deveau’s squad is easily the worst in the NESCAC this year and I just can’t wrap my head around giving it to a player whose team is essentially irrelevant. The litmus test for this is Jon Leanos; if you’ve going to be from a bad team, you had better be a truly elite player. Neither of these guys have been on that level, which is why I feel comfortable giving it to Callahan. He has been the most dominant player at any position this year, and is flat out the best player in the conference.

G Bobby Bleistein, Connecticut
Also considered: Jon Broome, Quinn Moroney, Jack Allard
A surprisingly easy decision, despite the excellent play from a number of rookies this year. Bleistein isn’t just having the best season of any rookie, he’s having the best season of any goalie in the conference for one of its best teams. Since taking over the starting job midway through the Tufts game, Bleistein has been a rock, making a ton of saves, including a lot with the game on the line. He leads the conference in save percentage and is second in GAA. He has performed at a level that should make him an All-American candidate as a freshman.

Mike Daly, Tufts
Look at the drama, then look at the success in spite of it. He has guided the Jumbos through an impossibly busy and difficult schedule to great success. No one deserves this more than him.

All-NESCAC 1st team
A Devin Acton, Amherst
A Andrew Freedman, Connecticut
A Cole Bailey, Tufts
M Ian Deveau, Colby
M Nick Shaheen, Trinity
M Andrew Fiamengo, Tufts
F/O Brian Foster, Middlebury
LSM Darric White, Middlebury
D Matt Callahan, Tufts
D Billy Chapman, Middlebury
D Mike Robinson, Wesleyan
G Bobby Bleistein, Connecticut

All-NESCAC 2nd Team
A Jon Broome, Middlebury
A Beau Wood, Tufts
A Franklin Reis, Bowdoin
M Jack Allard, Bates
M Jack Strain, Bates
M Peter Bowers, Tufts
F/O Mac Jackson, Bates
LSM Brendan Hanley, Wesleyan
D Danny Gold, Amherst*
D Brogan O’Connor, Connecticut
D Pete Willauer, Colby
G Chris Williamson, Bowdoin

Lots of room for guys to move up or down, especially on the second team. Obviously the final few games for these guys will go a long way towards determining some of these very close races.

*Yes I know he’s an LSM but the race between him and Hanley is too tight to call, and there wasn’t a close defenseman whose performance demanded a spot.