Monday Morning Overreactions

2 - Published February 25, 2013 by in College

1. After two big wins, it is clear that Washington & Lee would beat the ’72 Dolphins.

2. Wesleyan is a title contender after blowing out Trinity 16-6 in a scrimmage this weekend.

3. Anthony Martignetti took another penalty while I was writing this post.

4. The coaches that ranked St. Mary’s, Hampden-Sydney,  Eastern, Mary Washington, Adrian, and York should be drawn and quartered.

5. Friend of the blog D-III, proud Middlebury fan or alum (both?), can’t resist ranking the Panthers in his preseason top 20.

6. Otterbein scored faster than [joke redacted for explicit sexual content].

7. So. Much. Blood.

8. So there’s this… (via @Jac_Coyne)

9. The D3 lacrosse season doesn’t really start until March 9th.

10. Your inagural @laxdady Tweet of the Week