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NCAA D3 Preseason: Ten MORE To Watch In 2013

0 - Published December 14, 2012 by in CAC Lacrosse, College

Yesterday I listed out ten guys I was going to watch really closely this year. It was a mix of some relatively well-known players, and some lesser known guys, but the deciding factor on whether or not to include someone wasn’t so simple. What I was really looking for was guys who could have big impacts for their team with a truly great season.

Think DeLuca for Cortland, Bradman for Salisbury or Dailey for Stevenson. Hessler for Tufts, Raymond for Middlebury, John Landay or Glenn Adams for Wesleyan. You get the point. Great players, but also big-time difference makers for their programs.

Now here’s the problem… there are usually way more than ten guys worth watching out there. OF COURSE THERE ARE. Sorry for yelling, I just thought it was obvious.

To level the playing field, and give you a couple more guys to keep an eye on, I’ve sampled some responses from Twitter, and added in a couple of other guys I was considering. It’s still not a complete list, but it provides a great foundation for the upcoming D3 season.

First up, we get some picks from the one and only Jac Coyne:

Can’t argue with any of those guys. If Middlebury wants to reascend the NESCAC ladder, they will need great play from White, amongst others. He’s a guy with the potential to make a difference. Body is also a guy who could have a huge impact for WNEU. When a goalie gets hot, it can make a world of difference. Honestly, it’s hard to not populate these types of lists with ten goalies.

As to Gill… didn’t you read my post, Jac? I didn’t list him, but I did give a shout out. Agreed. Guy to watch. And the Manilla recommendation is also solid. What else would I expect from Jac Coyne? It’s a similar pick to my WAC selection, and since WAC has won a title, I went with their return to glory over Gettysburg. Rich Sharp is going to let me have it for that next weekend at our box game.

But Jac wasn’t the only one who chimed in. Tommy Kehoe, LSM to the stars, also let me know I’d missed someone:

I played some LSM my first year in college so that makes this one truly unforgivable. Just kidding. It’s a list of ten guys, and not the end of the world. Tommy is 100% right though, and Brandon Palladino is a stud. AND Dickinson is a team that almost perpetually seems to sit on the cusp. AND a guy like Palladino could certainly provide the spark to get them over the edge. But this guy is also a potential preseason player of the year… I just assumed everyone knew about him. If you didn’t, now you do.

Speaking of Dickinson, you could also keep an eye on their keeper, Greg Hanley, as a great year could make that jump to true contender all the easier. And weren’t we just talking about LSMs? And guys named Hanley? Since we were, I’ll throw a Wesleyan guy into the mix in Brendan Hanley. He’s got good size and can do a lot within their defensive scheme. If he can pop a bunch of big goals in when teams aren’t suspecting, and dominate on wing play, it could help Wesleyan jump the scoring hurdle.

Ah, the power of people using Twitter. But why stop there? I’ll throw out three more names to make it an even twenty guys to watch.

Tony Rossi – Midfield – Stevenson

Tom Huppman would kill me if I didn’t add this guy. I seriously believe that. Rossi certainly has the potential to be a stud this year, and if he’s healthy and raring to go, it could make an already dangerous Stevenson lethal. That being said, I don’t know if he’s under the radar for many people, although a great season for Rossi could propel Stevenson to its first title. His potential is unlimited, but expectations are high.

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Rob Santangelo – Attack – Union

Is he going to shoot or pass? It’s pretty much a 50/50. Union isn’t looking to give back any of the gains they made last year,  and if they want to keep improving, they might have to score some more goals. 20 more points in 2013 could be a world of difference for the entire Union offense.

Matt Deiner – ? – Goalie – Stevens

I don’t know who the Stevens goalie is going to be this year, but it’s a position to watch because if the Ducks can find a great presence in between the pipes, they could jump right into contention. With guys like Dupras running the show on offense, the Ducks could be as good as anyone.

Can Matt Deiner step up, or will the Ducks find a new guy? It’s an unlikely scenario, that a super star will suddenly emerge, but it’s possible. So for my last place, I’m nominating a question mark, at least for now. I’m sure Clay will love that.