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Is Salisbury BACK?

0 - Published March 4, 2014 by in CAC Lacrosse, College

For over a decade, Salisbury held a vise like grip on Southern D3 lacrosse. Others challenged the Gulls, but SU always seemed to win out. With the exception of 2009 (Gettyburg went to the finals and lost), Salisbury made it to the Championship Game every year between 2003 and 2012, winning 7 titles in 10 years. In 2009, the team went 16-4, and that was considered a really down year.

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan

Last year SU went 17-6 (man, that’s a lot of games!) and lost to Stevenson in the NCAAs 12-6. Stevenson went on to win it all, and all of a sudden, people were talking about a new King of the South.

But now, Salisbury releases a video on Vimeo titled We Are Salisbury, and it has to have you thinking that last year was an aberration. The guys at Salisbury are clearly ready to roll.

First of all, this is classic Gull action. Techno, heavy face paint (the guy at the :10 second mark even does his like a bird!), and lots of slow mo lead in… then BOOM, it’s time for the action at the 1:12 mark. Not a bad way to start off an aggressive highlight video! My only question is what is going on with the kid in the backpack in the opening scene? Why is he walking there? The mysteries of the Eastern Shore…

According to Maryland Lacrosse Insider, Tom Huppmann,

That’s actually a pedestrian tunnel that connects the campus with some of the athletic fields and such on the other side of a busy road. The team walks a couple blocks down the street after leaving the tunnel before reaching the stadium. Cool video.

Tom is right on both counts (he knows his stuff), but I’m showing off this video off because it’s a nice peek into the mindset of the SU team this year. The Gulls have always been loud and aggressive, but showing it off like this speaks to a certain anger and desire for redemption. They are putting it out there, and can’t wait to take on all opponents.

This is what we do. Do your worst.

I’m a big fan of that mindset, and I think the Gulls have the talent to back it up. Salisbury is 5-0 right now, with three dominant wins over Greensboro, Widener, and McDaniel. In their Top 20 games, they got a 12-11 OT win over Lynchburg early in February, and recently topped Gettysburg 11-9.

This all leads me to believe that SU could easily drop a game or two this year. An undefeated season like in 2012, 2008, 2007, and 2005 seems unlikely right now, but SU is content to lose a game during the year IF they hoist the trophy on Memorial Day Weekend. Salisbury won’t be perfect, but they just might be the best team in the South again.

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