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The D3 Report: Week Eight

2 - Published April 8, 2013 by in College

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We’ll start off with some of the big story lines, because that’s the way this thing works.

Any Undefeated Teams Left? Only a few! Cortland and Dickinson both sit near the top of the polls, and both teams are 10-0. And that’s it! A number of other teams have amassed 10 wins or more, and those teams are Salisbury (11-3), Stevenson (11-1), York, (10-3), Washington & Lee (10-2), and Kean (10-1). Tufts, at 8-2, is on an 8 game win streak, and the Jumbos haven’t dropped a game since their team got back to full strength.

Cabrini is heating UP. I watched the second and third quarters of the Cabrini – Denison game, and while Denison came back to make it a more competitive 13-8 game, Cabrini looked like the far superior team. The Cavs have now won four straight, with two Top 20 wins. Their last loss came to #1 Cortland 10-7 at home. Cabrini’s other two losses are to Dickinson and Lynchburg. This is a team to watch in 2013.

Hey, Chapman, it’s time to go D3. The world of D3 lacrosse could REALLY use another team out West. Colorado College is great, and so is Whittier, and there are a number of newer teams that are doing well in their early years. But Chapman would be an instant tourney contender, and their ongoing rivalry with Whittier would only get stronger, potentially improving both programs. Dear Chapman, it’s time to go D3 in lacrosse. Your 10-8 win over Whittier this past weekend should reason enough. I know the majority of MCLA fans will disagree with me here, but you have a TON of Califonia schools. We want Chapman. That’s fair, right?

New Teams Seeing Success. Look at Sewanee in Tennessee. They are 9-3 right now with solid wins over Kenyon, Wittenberg, and VA Wesleyan. Berry, in Georgia, is 9-4, and although they lost to all three of those established teams, they did beat Sewanee. Mount Union is a D3 football powerhouse with a first year team, and they are 5-4 right now. No standout wins, but still, it’s a good start. The D3 landscape continues to grow… it’s nice to see it’s also improving, and quickly!

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Meaningful Scores

Tufts 14 – Middlebury 13 So I guess we can say that Midd is officially back this year. Good to see, especially if you’re a Panther fan. Tufts is looking strong, and a win is a win, but Midd can compete with anyone again. They’re a strong sleeper pick to make an NCAA run.

Trinity 11 – Colby 8 Colby drops a heartbreaker to a Wesleyan team that just wouldn’t quit on Saturday, and then they lose by 3 to what I thought was the weakest team in the NESCAC. Perhaps the Capons are not so weak after all?

Stevenson 24 – Alvernia 0 That’s just mean. Well, not really. The Mustangs kept it under 30, but didn’t stop scoring after they went up 10. It’s the middle path, and for me, it’s all respect. I almost got shutout once (we lost to Bowdoin 12-1 in 2002), and it is NOT a good feeling.

Dickinson 9 – Haverford 8 Phew, we were almost down to one undefeated left. Dickinson pulls out the win, and stays on top of the South… for now.

Roanoke 9 – Lynchburg 8 Did NOT see that one coming. I thought Noke was down this year? Perhaps they are just inconsistent, or finding their game? Note to self: watch Noke the next chance you get. This team deserves a second, or even third, look.

Plattsburgh 11 – Oswego 10 (OT) Plattsburgh is looking tougher than in years past, but don’t let this Oswego score fool you, those boys can play too. Oswego has three losses, two in OT to Top 20 teams, and the third by one goal to Clarkson. They’re both solid programs and on the rise.

Stevens 10 – St. John Fisher 8 Stevens got some hype early, then lost to Cortland and Tufts and were written off by many. BUT WHY? Someone has to lose a good game between two teams, so why do we forget about the loser so quickly? I don’t know, but I’m trying not to do that. Stevens is still a contender. Keep that in mind.

Do YOU have a score you thought was important? Please share it with us in the comments section and provide a little reasoning as to why that game was so important!

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Got a topic or team you want to see covered? Have photos to share? Or info that might be of interest? Hit us up and put “D3 Lacrosse” in the subject line to get on our radar!

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