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The D3 Report: Week Five

1 - Published March 18, 2013 by in College

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We’ll start off with some of the big story lines, because that’s the way this thing works.

Cortland Tops Stevens in OTSee Game Photos and more, here.

0-2 Tufts Beats Stevens – Rough week for the Ducks. If you believe our report, Stevens was never really in this one. I watched the webcast and had similar thoughts. Getting 27 players back from suspension certainly helps, and when you combine this win with Tufts two one-goal losses to quality NESCAC teams early it is clear that the Jumbos are certainly contenders. If they wear brown more often, this is doubly true. Ok, that is a lie, but the brown looks good.


Photo Credit: GB Hog

Stevenson Rout in first MAC game - What a surprise, Stevenson absolutely destroyed the opposition in their new conference opener. It may take some time before we see Stevenson involved in another interesting in-conference game. 19-3 over Elizabethtown is a good start to the AQ for the Mustangs.

How serious are those camo sideline jackets for Stevenson? I’m actually jealous and love those, even thought I’m usually not a huge camo guy.


Photo Credit: Jon Borcik

Classic Cabrini - You knew this was coming. Cabrini loses to someone good, or someone bad, and then they win a big game, then lose, then win. It’s classic Cabrini. Just when you think they’re out, they win. When you become a believer, they lose. I like Cabrini, but come tourney time you need consistency, and the ability to string together multiple wins… Cabrini doesn’t have that yet. Hey Clay, how’d I do for an explanation there?

Classic Bates Vs Wesleyan – You can almost guarantee than any year in which Wesleyan gets ranked in the Top 20 early, or starts to receive votes, they will lose to Bates. The Cardinals looked great early, topping Williams, Hamilton, and Lasell. They lost to Bates 7-5. I secretly think Astap loves sticking it to us more than anyone else. I guess that’s not so secret anymore.

Polls – So Many Polls

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D3 Lacrosse Video

Hood Over Bryn Athyn:

Meaningful Scores

Amherst 9 – Bowdoin 6

Colorado College 7 – Babson 2

Cortland 10 – Cabrini 7

Middlebury 11 – Conn College 4 …wow. Maybe Midd is back?

Hamilton 10 – Colby 5

Union 7 – Springfield 4

Dickinson 8 – Widener 7

Williams 11 -Trinity 3

York 9 – F&M 7

D3 Game Photos

Stevenson Game Photos by Jon Borcik

Colby Game Photos by Dustin Satloff – More here: dustinsatloff.comLacrosse-2


Got a topic or team you want to see covered? Have photos to share? Or info that might be of interest? Hit us up and put “D3 Lacrosse” in the subject line to get on our radar!


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