Stevenson tops Lynchburg. Photo Credit: Jon Borcik

Throwback Thursday: When Stevenson Was Villa Julie

0 - Published April 17, 2014 by in College

If you’re not amped up for the Stevenson – Salisbury game this weekend, you’ve clearly got huge problems. It’s going to an absolute throw down. I guarantee it! To compliment this week’s Hot Pot, which explains Stevenson’s rise and the greatest burgeoning rivalry in D3, I thought it would be interesting to see Stevenson’s change over the years, in video format.

2007 – Stevenson vs Cortland

Cortland had won the title the year before.

2008 – Huge Salisbury Hit in CAC Title Game

That would probably be a penalty today, right? Still, a huge hit.

2009 – Villa Julie becomes Stevenson

Stevenson Ends The Salisbury Streak

It always helps to have fans like that supporting you!

2010 – Season Review

2011 – Mustangs Lax New Identity

2012 – The Salisbury Game

2013 – The Salisbury Game

Title Town!

Turn your program around. Follow the Stevenson model… if you dare!


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