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Wesleyan 2013: Helmets & Key Questions

1 - Published November 13, 2012 by in Gear, NESCAC Lacrosse

Looks like Wesleyan will be adding on a second helmet in addition to their all white lids from last year. The Cardinals now have a red helmet with a white chin piece, and it features the Wesleyan Athletics logo on the side, as opposed to the Wesleyan shield, which sits on one side of the white helmet.

Wesleyan has worn a red helmet with white chin in the past, back when the team wore Brine, so it can almost be considered a throw back helmet.

Spike Malangone Wesleyan Lacrosse MLL Draft

All of these helmets are a step up from the standard issue whites of the early 2000s. Ok, enough about the good looking headwear. Its on to the team. Breaking down a NESCAC team this early is tough. The NESCACs don’t have organized fall ball, so I’ll focus on some more general keys.

This Spring, the Cardinals have to be looking to climb back up the NESCAC ladder, after finishing 2012 with a 9-6 record. A number of starters should return for Wesleyan, some in key positions, but there is one big question for Wesleyan, and it has to be: can the offense step up this year and win some games for the team?

The Cardinals only managed to score 29 goals in their 6 losses last year, while giving up 50 goals to the opposition in those same games. Keeping their opponents to under 9 goals per game (on average) in a loss is definitely a solid defensive foundation, but without an offense that can reliably pump in double digit goals, emerging from the NESCAC relatively unscathed, and into the NCAAs, could be tough.

While Wesleyan did graduate a good chunk of their midfield, and some of their attack (Froats, Del Visco, Bernatavitz, Landow, and Davila), as well as Matt Meade on defense, and Grant Covington in goal, the returning players have skill and potential. Mark Simmons should be good to go in goal, and the defensive core is still looking big and physical. If younger, bigger middies and attack can step up, Wesleyan could be a stronger overall team. Of course whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

I’m excited for the 2013 season, and as more new D3 gear and news becomes available, and as we learn more about the teams in this division, we will keep you up to date. I’m also thrilled to have SwankLax back with this Cac to the Cac blog. It’s a great time for D-III lacrosse.